How to Reroll Grand Charms in Diablo 2

Charms were always one of the most important items in Diablo 2, and D2 Resurrected is no different in this regard, being a faithful remaster of the original. Charms come in Small, Large, and Grand sizes, with Grand Charms being the most powerful, not to mention the hardest to get. The way these work is very simple, you just need to carry them in your inventory, and they will provide passive bonuses to your attributes and skills. Since, especially at higher difficulties, you will need all the advantages you can get, Charms are an excellent way to boost things such as your damage output, resistances, or skill levels. If you are wondering How to Reroll Grand Charms in Diablo 2, we are here to help you out with just that. This guide will explain everything you need to know about this process.

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How to Reroll Grand Charms in Diablo 2

Rerolling Grand Charms in D2 Resurrected

The best Grand Charms in the game can be found as drops after you defeat Diablo, Baal, and Nihlathak on Hell difficulty. This is because the Grand Charms on this difficulty will give you the best bonuses. These include flat bonuses to skills (for example: +1 to Shapeshifting Skills for Druid), making them very powerful. To Reroll means that you will change the bonuses on the Grand Charm. Of course, just like anything else in Diablo 2, this is completely random, so be prepared to do this a lot until RNG smiles at you, and you get the combination you are satisfied with.

Besides the material requirements, rerolling itself is easy. All you need is the Horadric Cube, at least 3 Perfect Gems, and, of course, the Grand Charm you want changed. Note that the Perfect Gems don’t have to be of the same kind. Place the Grand Charm and 3 Perfect Gems in the Horadric Cube and click on the Transmute button there. The Grand Charm will now have its stats rerolled – hopefully into something better suited for your character.

Reroll Grand Charm
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  1. D

    Erroneous information about where to find charms. The best charms are found in NM and Hell difficulties, any mob can drop a skill charm not just bosses. Found a +1 to cold skill in NM cows last night.

    1. L

      The author failed to mention why those three mobs drop the best charms for rerolling. It’s because they are drops from lvl99 monsters, and that’s required to roll skillers with max plus life suffix (41-45 hp require level 90). You are correct DJ that NM is a good place to look for skillers. I believe they start dropping in Lower Kurast (NM) and that’s your best chance to find skillers as there are less affixes available on the charm and + skills is in the pool. The downside is the NM charms can’t roll max life which is highly desired on skill charms.

  2. K

    not enough information. like LoTan said diablo baal nihla can grant you possibly rerolling 41+ lifer killers.
    I’m trying to find out if the ilvl goes down everytime you roll? (I know people using cheats were able to see this on the original)

    1. J

      I was under the impression the gc’s had to be at least ilvl 88 or better to get skillers

      1. A

        I’ve rerolled higher level charms and gotten a skiller, I just go for something above 42.

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