Pokemon Go Murkrow Spotlight Hour - Shiny Murkrow October 2021

October 2021 has been spooktastic in Pokemon Go, continuing this week with the Murkrow spotlight hour and the chance to catch a shiny Murkrow. Every week, spotlight hour turns the attention on one Pokemon. This month has seen a host of ghost Pokemon take the stage. These events only last for one hour, so you don’t have long to take part. Read on as we discuss Pokemon Go Murkrow spotlight hour.

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Pokemon Go Murkrow Spotlight Hour - Shiny Murkrow October 2021
Pokemon Go Murkrow Spotlight Hour – Shiny Murkrow October 2021

Murkrow Spotlight Hour – Pokemon GO

Between 6 pm to 7 pm local time on October 26th, you can take part in Pokemon Go Spotlight hour. As well as increased spawn rates, you can also get 2 x Evolution XP. All you have to do is sign into the game at the correct time, and you will find increased numbers of Murkrow.

Can Murkrow be Shiny Pokemon Go

Murkrow can be shiny in Pokemon Go, and you will never have a better chance to catch one than this. While there is no increase in the number of shiny variants per Pokemon spawned, the sheer number you will encounter increase your chances.

The shiny Murkrow is easy to spot once you encounter it. It is a bright purple and will have sparkles behind it. This is in contrast to some Pokemon which look like their non-shiny versions. Luckily, there are a few tactics you can use to increase your chances of catching a shiny Murkrow in the Pokemon Go spotlight hour.

Once you have all the standard Murkrow you need, you can try running away from non-shiny ones. You will of course miss out on XP and Stardust, but you will speed up the time between encounters. You will then meet more Murkrow, increasing the possibility of meeting a shiny variant.

You can also get to grips with the fast catch method. This lets you skip the Pokeball animation, also increasing the speed with which you can have encounters. Get used to this before the Murkrow Pokemon Go spotlight hour event, as it can take some practice.

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