Resident Evil 2 Costumes - How to Unlock Alternative Outfits

Alternative outfits are costumes in Resident Evil 2 Remake. These suits can be used instead of the default ones, but only after you’ve unlocked them. These include the classic costumes from the original game, and alternate ones like a noir suit, military uniform and more. If you’re wondering how to dress up Leon and Clair, our Resident Evil 2 Remake costumes guide will show you how to unlock outfits.

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resident evil 2 costumes how to unlock alternative outfits
Resident Evil 2 Costumes – How to Unlock Alternative Outfits

How to unlock classic costumes in RE2 Remake?

In order to gain access to the classic costumes, the ones from the original, you’ll have to beat the game first. There’s no special requirements, like beating it a certain way or with a time limit, but you will have to play through it once. This means you’ll almost certainly get them before your time with the game is over, but you won’t be able to use them on your first playthrough. Sorry.

How to unlock Noir, Military, Arklay Sherrif & Elza Walker outfits?

These costumes (two for Leon, three for Claire) are only available to owners of the deluxe edition. You’ll need to own and make sure you’ve downloaded the deluxe DLC pack before you can use them, but they’ll be available on your first playthrough (unlike the classic ones). If you’re on PC, the game will download them automatically. If you’re playing on console, however, you might have to force the download manually. You can do this by finding the DLC either in the store, or in your library.

The noir costume is available for both characters, and it makes them both look like ’30s gangsters. The Arklay sheriff outfit is for Leon only, and it lets him wear that funny hat sheriffs have. Claire can dress up like a soldier with a camouflage bandana using the military outfit, or like Elza Walker, the person she was supposed to be in a scrapped prototype of the game.


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