Resident Evil 2 Infinite Ammo for Pistol & SMG - How to Unlock

Infinite Ammo is a bonus you can unlock in the Resident Evil 2 remake. You can get infinite ammo in the new Resident Evil 2 for the Samurai Edge pistol and the Submachine Gun. Unfortunately, unlocking the infinite ammo cheat is pretty difficult. You’ll have to beat the game several times; even on Hardcore Mode. Plus, there’s a time limit that you’ll have to beat the game in, and it gets progressively shorter. Still, though, infinite ammo; in games like Resident Evil 2, that’s the difference between life and death. So, we’ve put together our Resident Evil 2 Infinite Ammo for Pistol & SMG – How to Unlock guide to show you exactly how to get your hands on these special items.

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Resident Evil 2 Infinite Ammo for Pistol & SMG - How to Unlock
Resident Evil 2 Infinite Ammo for Pistol & SMG – How to Unlock

How to Unlock Infinite Samurai Edge Pistol Ammo in RE2 Remake?

To unlock infinite ammo for the Samurai Edge pistol, you’re gonna have to complete the game twice on standard difficulty. And fast. Basically, you have to get an S-rank in both the A and B scenario. So, how do you get said S-ranks? By beating the game under a specific time. Specifically, you have to beat Scenario A in under three hours and thirty minutes. Then, you have to beat Scenario B in under three hours. Fortunately, it doesn’t matter which character you play as, so take your pick freely. It’s certainly a challenge, but hey, infinite pistol ammo! hen you unlock it, you’ll find the gun in your storage chest in the first safe room. You’re gonna need it, especially if you decide to play on Hardcore Difficulty. Which brings us to our next segment…

Infinite LE 5 Submachine Gun Ammo in Resident Evil 2 – How to Get?

To get infinite ammo for the LE 5 Submachine Gun, you have to get S-ranks on both scenarios, but on Hardcore Difficulty. This is where it truly gets nightmarish, because, not only do you have to beat the game on a harder setting, but the time limit is shorter, too. Specifically, you’re gonna have to beat Scenario A under two and a half hours, and Scenario B under two hours. Once again, you can beat the game with either character. It’s insanely brutal, but it is doable. Especially if you have the infinite bullets for the pistol. And, at this point, you should know the ins and outs of the game pretty well. Again, the infinite ammo weapon will be waiting in the safe room storage box. Good luck out there.

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