Resident Evil 2 Red Jewel Location - How to Open Bejeweled Box

Red jewel is one of the key items in Resident Evil 2 Remake. Also known as the Virgin Heart, it’s an item you’ll get by solving a puzzle, which you will then use to solve another puzzle. Such is life in Raccoon City. If you’ve found the bejeweled box and are wondering how to unlock it, or you have the gem and have no idea where to use it, our Resident Evil 2 Red Jewel location guide will help you.

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resident evil 2 red jewel location
Resident Evil 2 Red Jewel Location – How to Open Bejeweled Box

Where to find red jewel in RE2?

The red jewel is located in the Art Room. In order to get it, you’ll first need to snatch the scepter from the statue. To do this, you’ll have to get the red book, which is on the second floor of the Library, and the statue’s left arm, which is on the table in the Art Room. Once you have both, combine them and you’ll get the Left Arm With Book. Place it onto the statue, and the right hand will release the scepter.

Open up your inventory and inspect the scepter. Turn it around and look at the back of the handle. You should see a switch. Flip it, and it you’ll pry the jewel from the scepter.

How to open bejeweled box in RE2?

Once you have the jewel, you can use it to open the bejeweled box. You’ll find it on the shelf in the Interrogation Room. Pick it up and combine it with the gem from your inventory. You’ll receive a STARS badge, which is actually a USB drive. You can use the drive in the STARS Office, but you can also use the badge (when you retract the USB dongle) to open a special weapons case, which contains a weapon upgrade.


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