Restore Fishing Shrine Puzzle - Kena Bridge of Spirits

The Kena Bridge of Spirits restore Fishing Shrine puzzle is a puzzle that you’ll have to solve at one point, and it seems to be pretty tricky. You have to shoot four pillars in the correct order, but if you’re not paying attention, you won’t figure out what the correct order is. However, rest assured that the game is telling you the answer, right there in plain sight. If you’re struggling with this puzzle, then our to Restore Fishing Shrine Puzzle – Kena Bridge of Spirits guide is the right place for you.

restore fishing shrine puzzle kena bridge of spirits
Restore Fishing Shrine Puzzle – Kena Bridge of Spirits

How to Restore Fishing Shrine – Kena Bridge of Spirits

To restore the Fishing Shrine in Kena Bridge of Spirits and solve the puzzle, you need to hit the four stone pillars with your arrows in a specific order. Now, what is the correct order? How do you figure that out? It’s actually simpler than you might think. Look at the candles at the base of the shrine. You’ll notice that they’re divided into four groups with a rising number of candles, from one to four. Also, the groups of candles are spaced out in four corners, kind of. Still aren’t following? Let’s get into more detail.

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The single candle is standing at the upper right part of the shrine. So, the first pillar you need to shoot is the one in the top right, immediately behind the shrine. Next, we have two candles in the bottom left, so turn around to the left to find and shoot the second pillar across the stream. Two more pillars to restore the Kena Bridge of Spirits fishing shrine and solve the puzzle. The third group with three candles is in the bottom right, so look to the bottom right corner of the area to see the third pillar. Lastly, we have the four candles in the top left, and the corresponding pillar is behind and to the left of the shrine.

Once you hit all the four pillars in the correct order, the large flower at the top of the shrine will open and reveal a glowing blue orb. Shoot that orb to cleanse the shrine. A brief and pretty cutscene will play, after which you can continue on your merry way.

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