Return to Moria Elven Wood

In our Return to Moria Elven Wood guide, we are going to explain how to get this rare and useful resource in the game. We will also discuss whether the trees in Elven Quarter grow back. Or, in other words, whether or not the Elven Wood replenishes itself or do you have to be incredibly careful how you use it. Let’s begin!

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return to moria elven wood
Return to Moria Elven Wood

How to Get Elven Wood in Return to Moria

To get Elven Wood in Return to Moria, you need to explore until you get to the Elven Quarter. It’s found 220 fathoms deep, and you’ll recognize it fairly easily, as the architecture is clearly Elvish. There’s a lot of light, and most importantly, it’s surrounded with a grove of large trees. All you have to do in order to gather Elven Wood is to chop down those trees. This material is necessary for crafting a whole bunch of useful items, like Steel Tools, the Workbench, the Bellows, Elven Arrows and Bows (like the Hunting Bow), and much more. Needless to say, this makes the Elven Wood is a really useful resource. But is it a finite resource?

Do Trees in Elven Quarter Grow Back?

As of writing this article, it’s still kinda unclear whether the trees in the Elven Quarter, which drop the Elven Wood in Return to Moria, grow back. On this Reddit post, one user says they do grow back, but the other one says that they haven’t seen any trees grow back two days in. So, my recommendation is to treat the Elven Wood as a precious resource (which it is) and spend it carefully. Also, don’t clear out the whole grove, just in case it needs at least one tree to regenerate. Until we’re all absolutely positive that these trees regrow, do not go ham on it. Use it sparingly; definitely build at least one workbench, of course. Although, to be fair, no recipe that calls for Elven Wood asks for that many pieces, so you should be fine.

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