Revived Witch Codes - November 2021

Revived Witch is a new role-playing game available for iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android mobile devices. Developed by Yostar Limited, in this game you control a recently awakened witch who has to battle various enemies and overcome all the obstacles in her way in order to restore her memories. Along the way, you will meet other companions who will join you on your journey. If you want to make your early game a bit easier, then our Revived Witch Codes – November 2021 guide is here to help you out. Here, we will list out all the working codes, explain how to redeem them, as well as how to use an invitation code in the game.

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Revived Witch Codes - November 2021

Revived Witch Codes November 2021

Before we give you the Revived Witch Codes, a little disclaimer first. Codes such as this depend on the game’s developers. Only they can enable or disable the codes, as well as add new ones. If a code isn’t working, it’s not down to us and we can’t do anything about it. Now, on to the codes themselves. Currently, there’s only one functioning code for the game – THEBEGINNING. Redeeming this code will get you the following: Kitty Cat Avatar Frame, x1 Full Stamina Potion, and x3 Soul Cryolite.

How to Redeem Redemption Code in Revived Witch

To redeem the codes, begin by starting the game. Once inside, interact with your avatar in the top left corner of the screen. Go in “Other settings”. Interact with the Redeem Button. Copy and paste the code in there and tap the Confirm button. Your rewards will now be redeemed.

How to Use an Invitation Code Revived Witch

Currently, in order to promote the game and attract new players to it, there is an event that will reward you with 300 souls if you provide another player’s ID code. Ask one of your Revived Witch-playing friends for their code. Once you’ve got it, click on the Event button and then the Invitation Pack option and enter this ID code there.

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