Minigun Locations GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition

GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition minigun locations are places where you can find the weapon in the open world. There are missions that let you use the minigun, but if you want to actually keep it, you have to go and get it in one of these places. Some of them are trickier to get than others, of course. So, without further ado, here’s our Minigun Locations GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition guide to show you where to find miniguns and how to get them.

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minigun locations gta san andreas definitive edition
Minigun Locations GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition

Where to Find Minigun GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition

To find the GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition minigun locations, there are four places where you can go in the open world. Mind you, pretty much all of them require you to unlock access to Las Venturas first through the main missions, and two of them have some extra things that you have to do before you can reach them. So, let’s dive in.

  1. At the top of the arch in the south part of Kincaid Bridge. Requires a jetpack, helicopter, or parachute to reach.
  2. On top of a building site in the southeast of Rockshore East. Requires you to either climb to the top of the scaffolding or use a jetpack.
  3. On the lowest level of the garage in northeast Roca Escalante, in front of the elevator. The garage is next to Dick’s Sounds.
  4. Inside the log cabin in on Mike Toreno’s ranch in Tierra Robada. Unlocks upon completing the Vertical Bird mission.
where to find gta san andreas minigun locations definitive edition
Minigun locations (click to enlarge)

That’s where to find minigun locations in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition, at least in the open world. There are a few missions where you’ll get to wield a minigun, but not necessarily keep it. These missions include Up, Up and Away, Air Raid, The Da Nang Thang, and Black Project. The latter takes place in Area 69, and you can grab the minigun from there even outside of the mission by glitching in. Just do keep in mind that you’ll immediately get five stars if you manage to pull it off.

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