Rise of Kingdoms Network Connection Error

Are you getting Network Connection Error in Rise of Kingdoms? The popular mobile strategy game is still going strong four years after its release, with millions of fans around the world. That’s because this epic real-time strategy is constantly being updated with new content, making it consistently fresh and exciting. Unfortunately, due to the game being always online, sometimes problems may occur which can prevent you from playing the game. In this guide, we explain what is the Rise of Kingdoms Network Connection Error and how it can be fixed.

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Rise of Kingdoms Network Connection Error
How to fix Network Connection Error in Rise of Kingdoms?

Network Connection Error Rise of Kingdoms

If you are having connection issues in Rise of Kingdoms, accompanied by a “Network Connection Error” message, that’s most likely not a problem related to your device and internet. At the time of writing, this is happening because the servers are currently offline due to scheduled maintenance. Thus, if you are experiencing this issue, all you need to do is simply wait a couple of hours until maintenance is completed. These downtimes usually last for around two hours. Hence, you will not need to wait a lot before being able to get back into epic battles.

However, you can also make sure that the problem is not on your side. Just in case. Check if your internet is working correctly and see if other games with online features are playable without any issues. If connection errors are appearing, and you are sure that there’s no maintenance, try restarting the game a few times. Try restarting the device you are playing on as well. Finally, developers themselves advise trying uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Ultimately, if none of these solutions we’ve offered helps with the issue, then you will simply have to contact developers and explain the problem. Let them know what server you are on and your device information. They should be able to assist you with the problem and remove issues.

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