Roblox Error Code 268 Fix

The Roblox error code 268 – You Have Been Kicked Due to Unexpected Client Behavior fix in 2023 can range from the simple to fairly more complicated. There are many different potential reasons that can cause this error to pop up, so that’s why the potential fixes vary so much. We’re going to give you a handful of different potential solutions, and one of them will probably work for you.

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roblox error code 268 fix
Roblox Error Code 268 Fix

How to Fix Error Code 268 Roblox Kicked Due to Unexpected Client Behavior

To fix the Roblox error code 268, there are several things you can try doing. Before you try anything, however, check if the game is experiencing any server issues. That might be the cause of the issue. If not, well, time to try and fix it yourself. First off, uninstall any cheat software for Roblox that you might have been using. If that doesn’t work, reinstalling the game from scratch might work, too. Also, try playing Roblox via the UWP Roblox App, which you can use on PC only, but hey, it’s something. If none of that works, you’ll have to get more serious.

One of the potential fixes that I don’t necessarily recommend is to disable the Windows firewall/any antivirus that you might be using. Again, be very careful if you do this, and don’t forget to turn it back on again after you’re done playing. Another potential Roblox error code 268 fix is to delete your personal settings from internet options. By that, I mean make sure to clear out all cookies, which you should be doing periodically anyway. Lastly, try clearing your DNS resolver cache.

Again, I have to warn you not to mess with the more complicated fixes if you’re not sure what you’re doing. Ask somebody for help rather than trying it for yourself and accidentally messing something up. If, on the other hand, you know of any other potential fixes for this error code, let us know in the comments below.

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