Disney Dreamlight Valley Fishing Rod, Shovel, Pickaxe, Watering Can, Acquire Royal Tools

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life-sim and adventure game hybrid filled with all of your favorite Disney characters. You will be able to interact with the likes of Goofy, Anna, Simba, WALL-E, and many, many more. Of course, in order to truly explore this fantastical world, you are going to need the right tools. Or, should we say – the right Royal Tools. These include the Royal Pickaxe, Shovel, Fishing Rod, and Watering Can. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find and how to acquire the Fishing Rod, Shovel, Pickaxe, and Watering Can Royal Tools in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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Acquire Royal Tools Disney Dreamlight Valley, Fishing Rod, Shovel, Pickaxe, Watering Can
Acquire Royal Tools Disney Dreamlight Valley, Fishing Rod, Shovel, Pickaxe, Watering Can

Watering Can Location Disney Dreamlight Valley

When you talk with Merlin, he will explain that you need to acquire the Royal Tools so that you can access the magic within you. Most of these can be found in the Village. So let’s start wit the easiest Roayl Tool to find – the Watering Can. It’s located right behind your house. Go there and simply pick it up. You can then use the Watering Can to, naturally, water your flowers and crops.

Shovel Location Disney Dreamlight Valley

Next, the Shovel. It is right next to the restaurant. Take care of the Night Thorns so that you can get to it, and then pick it up from the ground. The Shovel is used to dig holes and remove obstacles.

Pickaxe Location Disney Dreamlight Valley

To acquire the Pickaxe Royal Tool, go to the stairs that lead to the Peaceful Meadow to the south. Now, turn and go just a short distance to the east. You will find the Pickaxe embedded in stone there. Take it out. The Pickaxe Royal Tool is used for mining and removing similar obstacles.

Fishing Rod Location Disney Dreamlight Valley

Finally, the Fishing Rod. This is the only Royal Tool that you won’t be able to acquire in the Village itself. Go to the south and enter the Peaceful Meadow. You’re looking for a little pond there. In front of it, you will see a Fishing Rod. When you pick it up, it will turn out that this Fishing Rod is broken. You will then get a “Fishing Expedition” quest. The objective here is to find Goofy. Luckily, he’s very close by. In fact, he’s in his house which is right next to the pond. Go there and give him his Lucky Fishing Rod. He will thank you, and give you a new Fishing Rod, as well as a fishing hat. The Fishing Rod is, of course, used for fishing. Congrats, you’ve now acquired all of the Royal Tools in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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