Royale High 2022 Maze Location and Chests

The Royale High 2022 update is here and it comes with a handful of new content. Aside from the brand new Witching Hour Halo, there’s also a multitude of Spooktober-themed items and activities. There’s a mysterious Moonlight Square and a bunch of chests with rewards. In our guide, we’ll show you the Royale High Halloween 2022 maze location, as well as where to find all the chests in this update.

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Royale High Halloween 2022 Maze Guide & Chests Locations

Royale High Halloween 2022 Maze location

If you’re wondering where is the maze in Royale High 2022 best way to go about it is to start from the spawn. Go past the fountain towards the Wickery Cliffs sign. Follow the road past the sign and once you reach the first pumpkin you’ll see a dirt road to the right of it. Go down that dirt path and make the first right. You’ll see a cave entrance with “Mt. Blackwood Caverns” sign over it. This is the starting location of the Royale High Halloween 2022 maze. If you’re in need of more visual aid best check out this TikTok video. You don’t need a TikTok account. You can view the video in your browser.

Royale High Halloween 2022 Maze Chests

The most interesting, and also the hardest part of the Royalloween 2022 update, is the notorious maze. To be frank, it’s really hard to explain with words how to find all the Royal High Halloween 2022 maze chests. There are several tricky section where you’ll want to hug the wall not to drop down the wrong path. There’s a jumping section a lot of people have difficulty with as well. Remember to use the delicate princess animation and a long skirt for easier climbing up the wall. If the video embedded bellow is not helpful enough feel free to check this one out. It is a longer path to the final chest, but it gets you there without much climbing. You’ll be rewarded with 2000 candy and Steampunk Aerotechnic Wings.

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