Salt and Sacrifice Co Op, Play with Friends Local & Online

In our Salt and Sacrifice Co Op, Play with Friends Local & Online guide, we’re going to break down all the info you’ll need to go onto this adventure with another person. We’ll explain how you can play both couch and online co-op, as well as how loot and progression works. We’ll also give you a quick overview on how to play with random people. Let’s begin.

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salt and sacrifice co op play with friends local & online
Salt and Sacrifice Co Op, Play with Friends Local & Online

Salt and Sacrifice Local Co Op

To play Salt and Sacrifice with friends win local co op, you just have to follow a few simple steps. First off, boot the game up and wait until you’re in the main menu. Once you do get there, Player 2 needs to press any button on their controller, which should make another menu appear on the other side of the screen. From here, they can create a new character, and possibly even load in an old one. That’s all there is to it.

Now for a few points that we need to mention for both local and online co op. Enemy loot is random for both players, while items from chests can be picked up by both players, since those are fixed. Progress in online co op carries over for the guest player. The maximum number for group play is three friends and three hostile players. Two players can get the full co op experience, the rest just disappear when they die like in any other Souls game.

How to Play Online Co Op Salt and Sacrifice

There is one way to play online co op with friends in Salt and Sacrifice. First off, play through the tutorial until you reach the hub town, Pardoner’s Veil. Next, head to the right and down and through the cave entrance on the left. Drop down onto the wooden scaffolding and left and out onto the grassy knoll. There, you’ll find the Cooperation Board. You can use it to either join or create a lobby. If you’re making one, simply make a passcode using the runes and let Player 2 know what it is. They then have to use the Co-Op Board to join you.

So, those are the ways you can play Salt and Sacrifice with friends. There are ways that you can play with random people, of course. To host a random player, you need to be guiltless (with the Guiltless Shard) and use a Golden Candle. To join a random player, you have to use a Pale Candle.

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