Search for Origami Animals Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you don’t know where to search for the Origami Animals, we’ve got you covered. The latest Disney Dreamlight Valley update has added new quests and one of them is You are my favorite deputy. You’ll receive this quest from Woody, and he’ll ask you to find a lot of interesting animals in the room. So, let’s start.

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Search for Origami Animals Disney Dreamlight Valley
Search for Origami Animals Disney Dreamlight Valley

Search for Origami Animals Disney Dreamlight Valley

You are my favorite deputy” quest is part of the second update – Missions in Uncharted Space. Most of the new quests will send you on a journey to find some hidden items, but this one is particularly interesting since you have to find paper animals. Once you start this step you will have to search the room for 5 origami animals. They are scattered all over the room, and some of them are well hidden.

#1: The first one is in the corner, just to the right from Woody. You will see a huge red painting on the ground and a pink butterfly origami next to it.
#2: The second one is in the center of the room next to the yellow hot wheels tracks. It’s a small blue elephant, you can’t miss it.

#3: The third one is much better hidden than the previous one, but it’s in a close vicinity. Once you collect the blue elephant, look to your left, and you will see a huge pile of books. You’ll have to go behind the pile and a beautiful black penguin is waiting for you next to the wall.
#4: Now, go back to the place where you’ve collected the blue elephant, next to the wheel tracks. Now turn right towards the blue and green cacti. Next to the green cactus you will find another blue elephant.

#5: The last one is in a closet next to the bed. Once you enter the closet, turn right and you’ll find a small green turtle behind the door.

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