Talk to Woody Near Window Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Secret Mission in Uncharted Space update has finally arrived in Disney Dreamlight Valley! And with it, the two legends – Buzz Lightyear and Woody! During your mission in the Toy Story realm, you will be tasked to help Buzz first and then Woody. Once you finally save Woody, you will need to “talk to Woody near the window”. However, many players cannot do this. Is this a bug, or are you just doing something wrong? Let’s find out.

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Talk to Woody Near Window Disney Dreamlight Valley
Where is Woody in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Talk to Woody Near the Window Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once you find the Race Car Track pieces and complete the Track, Buzz Lightyear will make a perfect contraption that will hopefully save Woody, who is left trapped on the other side of the window. When you finish all the steps, a cutscene will ensue, showing a car on a track, which will perfectly hit a switch on the window and safely rescue Woody. Following this, the “Talk to Woody Near the Window” task will appear. Buzz Lightyear will now move there to join Woody, and you will be asked to join them as well.

Before we continue, you should know there’s a bug here. Some players report that Woody is nowhere to be seen. Apparently, for some players, he simply never shows himself in the room. If you also have this bug, save and restart the game. This should fix the issue.

If you don’t have this “missing Woody” bug in Disney Dreamlight Valley but don’t know how to get to the window to talk to him, read on. What many players miss is that there’s actually a perfect ramp which will lead you to the window. At the foot of the bed is a yellow kid’s chair with some cubes in front of it. Climb on it, and then continue via the red ramp onto the chest. From there, use piled-up toys to move to the bed. Now move to the other side of the bed and use a book there as a bridge to cross and meet with Buzz Lightyear and Woody!

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