Sherlock Holmes the Awakened Alligators Puzzle Solution

The remake of Sherlock Holmes the Awakened elevates the 2007 classic to a modern, cinematic Sherlock Holmes experience but keeps the core of the story untouched. That means we’re going to Louisiana, and of course, we will have to deal with gators. Read on as we explain how to pass the alligators in the swamps of New Orleans.

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Sherlock Holmes the Awakened Alligators Puzzle Solution

How to Pass the Alligators in Bayou in Sherlock Holmes the Awakened

Once you learn the whereabouts of Mr Arneson, you’ll need to act quickly and find him in the Bayou. The matter is urgent, and you’ll need to go immediately that night, despite the dangers lurking inside and around the swamps. The Bayou is a perilous place even during the day, let alone at night. And to make things worse, the sheriff and his men will try to stop you. However, they think that the Bayou will do the job for them and will leave them alone.

The path through the Bayou towards the ritual grounds is a treacherous one. You will need to find the right way by following flames and white flowers. Eventually, you reach an area blocked by the alligators. If you try to sneak past them, they will spot you and capsize your little boat, making a quick dinner out of you and Watson. Since that’s the way you need to go, how to pass them? What you need to do is to turn right just before the alligators. This path will bring you to the other side of a small island where the alligators blocking the path are. Leave your boat, get to the high ground, and Sherlock will spot several corpses hanging above the swamp, just above the gators.

The game will switch to Dr Watson, and you will have a small first-person shooter segment here. Namely, you will need to quickly shoot down the three corpses before the timers go out. The gators will start feeding on the corpses, which will grab their attention for a while. Now head back to the boat, and navigate back to the part where the gators were. You will now be able to pass freely.

How to Pass the Alligators in Bayou in Sherlock Holmes the Awakened
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