Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Swinging Axes Puzzle Solution

Not sure what is the solution for the Swinging Axes puzzle in Sherlock Holmes The Awakened? The next Sherlock adventure from Frogwares is here, and it is a remake of the 2007 classic. Inspired by the Cthulhu mythos of H.P. Lovecraft, we’re bound to visit many otherworldly realms. And in one such realm, we will need to learn how to pass by the Swinging Axes.

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Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Invisible Stairs Solution

How to Solve Swinging Axes Puzzle in Sherlock Holmes The Awakened

Near the very end of your adventures in New Orleans, you will stumble upon some ritual grounds amidst the swampy bayous. By investigating the gruesome scenery, you’ll soon discover that there’s a hidden passage in the nearby rocks. When you enter the hidden doorway, your faithful friend John H. Watson will stop for a bit as he’ll need to fix his lantern. And just like the last time you’re left alone in the Cthulhu temple, you’ll start hallucinating, and your mind will be transferred to an alternative reality.

Check out our separate guide on how to solve the invisible stairs puzzle. And when it comes to the Swinging Axes puzzle, read on. The puzzle is actually fairly simple, but it has an interesting twist, which is why some players are confused. First, check out the stones in the central area with your “Focus” view (“Q” on PC). You’ll spot some blood trails in front of the stones. In addition, you’ll see that each of the three stones has a symbol on it. The splattered blood indicates that you’ll need to spill some of your own for the purpose of this puzzle. As you know, death doesn’t exist in this realm.

When you turn on your Focus vision, you’ll also see there’s a symbol near each of the swinging axes. What you need to do is to allow you to be hit by three axes with symbols which match the ones on the stones. You see that each of the symbols on the ones will start shining once a matching axe halves you. When all three symbols are lit, the door will open.

How to Solve the Invisible Stairs Puzzle in Sherlock Holmes The Awakened
Allow the axes with the corresponding symbols to hit you.
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