Sherlock Holmes the Awakened Pin Evidence Explained

Pinning evidence in Sherlock Holmes The Awakened is one of the core mechanics in this detective adventure with the legendary British sleuth. However, some players are not exactly sure what’s the purpose of this gameplay feature and how to use it properly. In this guide, we explain how to pin evidence in Sherlock Holmes The Awakened and how to use this feature.

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Sherlock Holmes the Awakened Pin Evidence Explained

What Does Pin Evidence Do in Sherlock Holmes The Awakened?

If you are a Sherlock Holmes aficionado, you probably know that this legendary detective is a master of observation and deduction. And these renowned skills of his are at the centre of modern Sherlock Holmes games. The developers, studio Frogwares, have been streamlining their Sherlock Holmes experience for several years now. And if you love some of their previous titles, you know that the focus is mostly on finding clues and making the right connections between them in a search for the answers.

One of the first basic mechanics is called “Pin Evidence”. To pin any item, press “C” to open your journal. Your evidence tab will be automatically opened. From there, simply select an item and press X (or a console equivalent) to pin that specific item. You’ll see something resembling a white splash around that item. The pinned evidence will now be visible in the top right corner when you are moving around the game’s world.

Pinning evidence in Sherlock Holmes The Awakened has two purposes. The first one is to ask around about the said evidence. A special symbol near an item indicates that said item requires inquiries about it. The symbol looks like three white silhouettes of humans. This sign means that you need to ask random people around you about this clue.

Finally, the second reason to pin evidence is in order to examine a crime scene more closely. Namely, you’ll often see the “pin” symbol (top right corner of the screen) when on a crime scene. This means that the scene requires a piece of specific evidence in order to reveal more details. Find out which item that is, check the crime scene while having that item equipped, and you will reveal additional info.

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