Project Mugetsu Soul Society Guide

Project Mugetsu is a popular new Roblox game in which players take on the role of Soul Reapers (or Shinigami, as they are also called) from Bleach. These Soul Reapers come with all sorts of powers that they can use to defeat their enemies. If you have watched the Bleach anime, or read the manga, then you know that one of the most important locations in the Bleach universe is Soul Society. This is the central hub from where the Soul Reapers originate, train, and go on missions. In Project Mugetsu, you will be able to go to this place, but how can you do this? We are going to show you how to go to Soul Society in Project Mugetsu in this guide.

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Project Mugetsu Soul Society Guide
Project Mugetsu Soul Society Guide

How to Get to Soul Society in Project Mugetsu

So, how to go to Soul Society in Project Mugetsu Roblox? Well, the first thing that you will need to do is to unlock the Senkaimon skill. The description for this skill provides a big hint: “The Senkaimon is the gate used to travel between the two worlds, and is the only official and safe way to enter and leave Soul Society.” To get it, level your Mastery to 5 and buy the Senkaimon skill for 500 Gold. You can find it in the Soul Reaper Skills menu.

Using the Senkaimon skill, you can now travel to Soul Society. Once you get there, there are several locations to visit. These are: Senkaimon, Cave, Central 46, Main Entrance, Rukongai, and Waterfall. More importantly, Soul Society is tied to your character’s progress, and you can now advance your character and get Shikai. Of course, this is just the first step on your journey to become an all-powerful Soul Reaper, as you can then unlock the much more powerful Bankai.

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