Shonen Smash Codes Roblox - October 2021

Shonen Smash is a popular Roblox experience and by using the codes for October 2021, you can up your in-game cash. A hybrid of Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros with an anime twist, it is gaining popularity fast. This extra cash can let you get ahead before the crowds arrive to challenge you. Luckily, it is easy to redeem these codes in the game. Read on as we discuss Shonen Smash for Roblox and give you the October 2021 codes.

Shonen Smash Codes Roblox - October 2021
Shonen Smash Codes Roblox – October 2021

The game has risen in popularity fast. Despite its name, it does not only feature characters from Shonen anime. It also has a whole world of different franchise characters. This can make for some very interesting battles. It is a simple party game with simple controls, that can provide hours of fun.

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Roblox Shonen Smash Codes

The creator of the game, @tenthewarrior, releases codes on their social media. These are usually given when they reach a certain number of likes, so make sure to give them a nod. Luckily, they often get collated online. This does mean they come and go, so you may want to redeem them in case they expire without notice.

  • LastShutdown!: Redeem the code and get 12K cash
  • 1MVisits!: 12K in game cash when you redeem
  • 200KVisits!: Redeem the code and get 12K cash
  • ReleaseTheGame!: 12K Cash
  • 5000Lik3sSHEESH!: 12K Cash
  • 100KVisits!: 6K Cash
  • 1000LikesWHAT?!: 12K Cash

How to Redeem Shonen Smash Codes

Redeeming Shonen Smash codes is simple. All of you have to do is load up the game in the normal way. From here, choose your character and click on the main menu.

A text box should appear that has “Codes” written inside. Start entering the codes above to claim 12k in-game cash for each one. We will update these codes often, so check back for updates.

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