Silver Grove Specter - Warframe Apothic Farm

The Warframe Silver Grove Specter is the central part of the Grove Guardian Elite Weekly challenge, which requires you to defeat the Specter. This is easier said than done, because to summon them, you need to farm Apothic in Warframe. These items allow you to spawn a Specter, once you find the Grove itself. There are several types of these, such as the Nightfall Apothic, and each requires several ingredients, like Warframe Vestan Moss. We’re gonna cover all of these points in our Silver Grove Specter – Warframe Apothic Farm guide, as well as how to defeat the Specter, where to find it, and more.

silver grove specter warframe apothic farm
Silver Grove Specter – Warframe Apothic Farm

Defeat Silver Grove Specter in Warframe

To defeat a Silver Grove Specter in Warframe, you first have to be able to spawn a Silver Grove. In order to that, you have to first complete the Silver Grove quest, which you get from the Syndicates. It’s one of the later quests, so I hope you got that far. If you have the quest, but haven’t completed it yet, do it now. You’ll kill a bunch of Silver Grove Specters during it, so you’ll complete the challenge on the way.

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If you don’t have the quest at all, that’s fine – you can still go to one of the nodes where it can spawn (more on that later), enter a public match, and piggyback off of someone that’s on the mission. By the way, in order to spawn a Silver Grove Specter, you need to have an Apothic and put it on the rock pedestal. So, let’s go ahead and cover that a bit, shall we?

Warframe Apothic Farm

To farm Apothic in Warframe, you need to gather the specific ingredients. Remember those plants that you scanned during the Silver Grove quest? Yeah, those. You have to craft Apothic once you have what you need. Each of them costs 500 Credits and 2 Morphics, as well as the plants, as detailed in the list below.

  • Nightfall Apothic
    • Requires 2 Sunlight Saracenia (swamps in Grineer Shipyard Missions on Ceres), 6 Moonlight Dragonlily (Grineer Forest missions on Earth at night), 2 Sunlight Threshcone (Grineer Forest missions on Earth during the day)
    • Spawns Loki Knave Spectre
  • Twilight Apothic
    • Requires 2 Moonlight Jadeleaf (Grineer Forest missions on Earth at night), 6 Ruk’s Claw (Grineer Settlement tilesets on Mars), 6 Lunar Pitcher (Orokin Moon tilesets on Lua)
    • Spawns Saryn Orphid Specter
  • Sunrise Apothic
    • Requires 2 Sunlight Jadeleaf (Grineer Forest tileset on Earth, during the day around water), 8 Frostleaf (Corpus Outpost tilesets on Venus, near cliffs), 12 Vestan Moss (Grineer Asteroid tileset on Mercury)
    • Spawns Oberon Feyarch Specter

Keep in mind that you can only carry one Apothic with you at a time in your Gear slot. As you can see in the list above, depending on which Apothic you use, you’ll spawn a different Silver Grove Specter. Again, you have to place the item onto the Altar in the Grove. The loot you get for killing the Specter will depend on which one you’ve summoned.

Where to Find Silver Grove Specter in Warframe

To find a Silver Grove Specter in Warframe, you have to summon it, as we’ve explained above. However, there’s still the matter of where to find the Grove itself. Well, those spawn at a random place in any of the maps on Earth. The most popular place to look seems to be E. Prime on Extermination missions. They are fairly easy, and there’ll be a lot of people there, so odds are you won’t have to go alone.

Now, when you arrive to E. Prime or wherever, look for a small tunnel that will lead you to the grove. Keep your map open and explore. As soon as you see a tunnel that you haven’t explored yet, go for it. Of course, if you’re playing with other people, put a waypoint up; it’s only polite. Then, find the Altar, place the Apothic, and get ready to tango.

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