Sims 4 Free to Play, How to Get & What Time Does It Start

In our Sims 4 Free to Play, How to Get & What Time Does It Start guide, we are going to show you when the game is going to become free to play and where you can get it. We’ll also explain how much of the game is actually going to be free. Basically, all the info you’re gonna need. Let’s dive straight in!

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sims 4 free to play how to get & what time does it start
Sims 4 Free to Play, How to Get & What Time Does It Start

How to Get Sims 4 for Free

To get to play Sims 4 for free, you first have to wait for EA to make it so. We’ll cover more about that in the next section. You’ll be able to play it on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Speaking of PC, there are several ways that you can get it there. You can go via Steam, Origin and the EA app, to be exact. However, if you’re not going with Steam, you should probably use the EA app, since Origin apparently won’t be around for much longer. Also, keep in mind that only the base game is going to be free. You’ll still have to cough up for all the expansions and DLC.

When Will Sims 4 Free to Play Start

The Sims 4 will start being free to play on Tuesday, October 18th. Well, that is going to depend on your time zone, to be fair. See, according to the official announcement, Sims 4 going free will coincide with the Behind The Sims Summit stream. It’s slated to begin on October 18th at 10 AM Pacific Time / 1 PM Eastern Time / 6 PM British Time / 7 PM Central European Time. That, I believe, translates to October 19th at 4 AM AEDT. I’m not entirely sure whether the game will become free to play when the stream begins or after it ends. However, bottom line is, you’ll have to wait for the right time before you can jump into Sims 4.

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