Sims 4 Infant Milestones List

The Sims 4 Growing Together is the thirteen expansion pack that focuses on family and adds several new features to the game. One of the new features is the infant life stage. In The Sims 4 infants have several milestones that they can achieve as they grow and develop. These milestones are important for their growth and development and can also help them earn character traits as they grow up. In our guide we’ll share with you the list of all Sim 4 Infant Milestones.

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sims 4 infant milestones list
The Sim 4 Infant Milestones list

The Sim 4 Infant Milestones list

Before the Growing Together update, players had just a limited interactions with infants. However, the introduction of new features made a better connection between babies and toddlers, and made Infants an important aging phase. Therefore, the inclusion of this stage allows infants to develop and progress through five milestone categories: Life, Fine Motor, Firsts, Gross Motor and Social.

These milestones are like achievements that your infant unlocks through a progression system. With the exception of the Life category, unlocking each of the other categories requires the completion of a specific set of activities. There are more than 30 milestones grouped in the five main categories:

  • Life Milestone: the first infant milestone starts with either “Born” or “Born at Hospital,” depending on whether the player opts for a hospital birth or not.
  • Fine Motor are basic motor skills that infant unlocks by playing with toys. They can be unlocked in the following chronological order: Learned to Reach, Learned to Grab, Put Toe In Mouth, Learned To Wave, Learned To Clap, Learned Pincher Grasp
  • Gross Motor are advanced motor skills like: Lifted Head, Rolled Over to Back, Rolled Over to Tummy, Learned to Creep, Learned to Sit Up, Pulled To Stand, Learned To Dance, Learned To Crawl
  • Firsts milestones are the only category that doesn’t have chronological order. They represent the infant’s first encounters with the world or fulfilling the infant’s basic needs. These are the tasks that we unlocked so far: First Visitors, First Bath, First Bubble Bath, First Baby Food, Slept Through the Night, First Finger Food, First Diaper Blowout, Peed on Caregiver
  • Social milestone skills infant learns through interaction with other Sims: First Smiled, Learned to Coo, Learned to Laugh, Learned to Babble, Learned to Blow Kiss, Learned Peek-A-Boo
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