Sims 4 Wants & Fears Explained

With the latest patch update to The Sims 4, a new system has been added to the game, one that is very well-known to The Sims 2 players. We’re talking about the Wants and Fears system. If you have never encountered it before, you may be confused about what it actually is and how it works in the game. Well, in this Sims 4 Wants & Fears Explained guide, we are going to take a look at this new addition and explain everything you need to know about both of these.

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Sims 4 Wants & Fears Explained

What Are Wants & Fears in Sims 4

This has replaced the Whims system in The Sims 4. Wants and Fears are very similar to Whims. Basically, Wants are the aspirations of a given Sim character. These can be both long-term, short-term, as well as reactionary (what your Sim wants in the moment). And Fears are what your character is most afraid of. These are shaped by major negative experiences.

How do Wants & Fears Work in Sims 4

Each Sim has three Wants. These are: a major long-term Want, a short-term Want, and a reactionary Want. This system is more trait-based than the previous Whims one and reflects more of that particular Sim’s personality. A reactionary Want can, for example, activate when a Sim is in the Gym and gets the urge to exercise there. It goes without saying that you should work to fulfill the Wants of your Sims. On the other hand, you have Fears. These are represented by jagged-edged bubbles atop the head of a Sim. They are “produced” when a Sim goes through a traumatic experience.

These can include witnessing and surviving a fire, failing classes, being judged and rejected by other Sims, and so on. You can either choose to face your Fears, or to learn and live with them and their consequences. The choice is up to you.

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