Slayers Unleashed Codes - Doma Update

Slayers Unleashed Doma Update codes are the brand new codes that the developers have added in the latest patch. The list includes around thirty codes, and you can kinda divide them by what they do. Basically, they all let you reset or reroll certain aspects of your character, such as Race, Demon Arts, Breathing, Clan, and more. So, with all of that said, we’ll present you with a list of codes from the Doma update in this guide.

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slayers unleashed codes doma update
Slayers Unleashed Codes – Doma Update

Doma Update Codes in Slayers Unleashed Codes

There are around thirty new codes added in the new Slayers Unleashed Doma update. All of them reset/reroll different things about your character, specifically Breathing, Clan, Nichirin Color, Demon Art, Race, and Stats. So, let’s dive right into a list of all the new codes!

  • Breathing
    • ;code icybreath1 – Resets your Breathing
    • ;code icybreath2 – Resets your Breathing
    • ;code icybreath3 – Resets your Breathing
    • ;code icybreath4 – Resets your Breathing
    • ;code icybreath5 – Resets your Breathing
  • Clan
    • ;code icyclan1 – Rerolls your Clan
    • ;code icyclan2 – Rerolls your Clan
    • ;code icyclan3 – Rerolls your Clan
    • ;code icyclan4 – Rerolls your Clan
    • ;code icyclan5 – Rerolls your Clan
  • Demon Art
    • ;code icydemon1 – Resets your Demon Art
    • ;code icydemon2 – Resets your Demon Art
    • ;code icydemon3 – Resets your Demon Art
    • ;code icydemon4 – Resets your Demon Art
    • ;code icydemon5 – Resets your Demon Art
  • Nichirin Color
    • ;code icynichirin1 – Resets your Nichirin Color
    • ;code icynichirin2 – Resets your Nichirin Color
    • ;code icynichirin3 – Resets your Nichirin Color
    • ;code icynichirin4 – Resets your Nichirin Color
    • ;code icynichirin5 – Resets your Nichirin Color
  • Race
    • ;code FROZENRACE1 – Resets your Race
    • ;code FROZENRACE2 – Resets your Race
    • ;code FROZENRACE3 – Resets your Race
    • ;code FROZENRACE4 – Resets your Race
    • ;code FROZENRACE5 – Resets your Race
  • Stats
    • ;code pointsgobrr1 – Resets your Stats
    • ;code pointsgobrr2 – Resets your Stats
    • ;code pointsgobrr3 – Resets your Stats

So, those are all the new codes in the Slayers Unleashed Doma update. Make sure to redeem them as necessary. Mind you, the latest update has also removed the bug through which you could endlessly spam codes. So, be careful how you use them. They can be very useful, like if you have to change your Race to complete certain quests; you don’t want to be stuck without options.

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