How to Get Darcy - Watch Dogs Legion

The question of how to get Darcy in Watch Dogs Legion has been itching the game’s player base now that the Assassin’s Creed crossover update has dropped. Well, as it turns out, to unlock Darcy, you have to jump through a couple of hoops. Specifically, you need to progress through a number of missions to recruit and play as Darcy. We’ll explain the whole proccess in this guide.

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how to get darcy watch dogs legion
How to Get Darcy – Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion – How to Unlock Darcy

To unlock and play as Darcy in Watch Dogs Legion, you need to complete the two newly-added free missions, “Enter the Assassin” and “The New Creed.” Yeah, not the most creative titles, but whatever. Now, if you haven’t progressed through the story far enough, you might not be able to play these quests. So, you’ll have to play through the story until you unlock and complete the mission called “Reporting for Duty” all the way to the end. Other characters like Mina, Aiden and Wrench become available as soon as you start “Reporting for Duty,” in order to unlock Darcy in Legion, you need to finish the entire chain. Doing so unlocks the first sync point for the Assassin quest line.

When you get to play as Darcy in Watch Dogs, you’ll get access to her cool abilities. These include the Hidden Blade, AR Disguise, and Eagle Drone; in other words, modernized versions of iconic things from the Assassin’s Creed series. Let’s explain the abilities you get when you figure out how to get Darcy in Watch Dogs Legion real quick.

  • Hidden Blade – The legendary Assassin weapon improves your melee and allows you to perform takedowns from any angle.
  • AR Disguise – You can disguise yourself as an enemy and therefore access otherwise restricted areas. You can also disguise nearby allies in multiplayer mode.
  • Eagle Drone – A scout drone that scans the environment. It can also self-destruct and emit a a short-range electromagnetic pulse.
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