Slayers Unleashed Moon Breathing – Kokushibo Location & Codes

Slayers Unleashed update v0.5 is live with a new boss named Kokushibo and Moon Breathing as a secondary Breathing skill. In order to get the latest update, you’ll have to find the Kokushibo boss and defeat it, which is not an easy task to do. At the same time players will be pleased to know that new 45 codes were released with the latest update. In our guide we’ll show you how to start Slayers Unleashed update, where to find Kokushibo boss and how to get Slayers Unleashed Moon Breathing, and list of all working Slayers Unleashed codes that you can use.

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Slayers Unleashed Moon Breathing – Kokushibo Location & Codes

Kokushibo boss location – How to get Slayers Unleashed Moon Breathing

Before you can start the fight with the boss, you should talk to Injured Demon Slayer Rac. His location is a little far away from your spawn location. When you exit through the main village entrance just follow the road that leads to farmer Bootay and rice fields. Injured Demon NPC Rac is on the cliffs to the left. Talk to him and the fight with the Kokushibo boss will start if you fulfilled several requirements, otherwise he’ll just simple tell you that you can’t help him. It is important to know that the latest update increased the max level cap to 300, thus, you can’t pass this NPC unless you are level 250 or higher. Also, you have to be hybrid race and member of the Tsugikuni or Tokito Clan. You have a higher chance to get Moon Breathing in Tsugikuni clan.

How to defeat Kokushibo boss in Slayers Unleashed

Kokushibo boss is the hardest boss in the Slayers Unleashed Roblox game according to developers. It’s very hard to defeat him since you have to dodge all the time. You can’t run and hide anywhere on the map because he will teleport next to you. The fight is little easier if you are level 300 and use Demon Regen and Demon Sense.

Moon Breathing Abilities

  1. Evening Palace – User fires off two Solar Dragons that track to the closest character to your mouse cursor
  2. Loathsome Moon – User performs Multiple dances and strikes the closest enemy
  3. Mirror of Misfortune – User thrusts their blade and calls down Slashed from the Sun
  4. Moon-Dragon Ringtail – User spins the air and slashes down near the mouse cursor

Slayers Unleashed Codes in V.05 Update

There are 45 new codes available in the latest Slayers Unleashed update. We would like to thank Zenokei for providing all of them.

  • Breathing: from m00nbreath1 to m00nbreath10
  • Demon art: m00ndemon1 to m00ndemon10
  • Clan: m00nclan1 to m00nclan10
  • Race: m00nRACE1 to m00nRACE10
  • Stat Reset / point reset: lunarPoints1 to lunarPoints5


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