How to Get Planet Shaper AUT New Universe

In the Roblox game A Universal Time AUT New Universe, there are many stands that you can get, and one of these is the rare and powerful Planet Shaper. This popular Roblox game is all about getting strong stands with powerful abilities – such as Sans – and if you are a regular player, you will definitely want to play with this stand. In this How to Get Planet Shaper AUT New Universe guide, we will explain all the methods you can try out in order to get this stand. And now, let’s dive right in!

How to Get Planet Shaper AUT New Universe

How to Get Planet Shaper in A Universal Time 2021

The Planet Shaper has a variety of special attacks which are both very fast and spammable. The first method to obtaining this Stand is via Meteors. These spawn on the side of mountains. Equip Crystallized as your Stand and when you interact with Meteors, you have an approximately 1-2% chance of getting a Planet Shaper Stand. The other method has to do with Stand Arrow. This hasn’t been confirmed for certain, but players are reporting that they have managed to get the PS using these. Since the Stand Arrow spawns at a high rate, you should be able to get one using it.

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The Planet Shaper has the following abilities:

  • Planetary Barrage (activated by E + Hold).
  • Teleportation Warp Punch (activated by R).
  • Infuser (activated by T).
  • Ground Slam (activated by H).
  • Reality Shift (activated by F).
  • Wing Slash (activated by V).
  • Dash (activated by C).
  • Jump (activated by Spacebar).
  • Blackhole Punch (activated by B).
  • Spacetime Voidgate (activated by G).

And that’s all there is to it for this How to Get Planet Shaper AUT New Universe guide. If you are looking for other AUT guides, we have some great ones which explain how to get Ger as well as how to trade.

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