Slayers Unleashed Teddy Bear Dezzy

Slayers Unleashed is a new Roblox creation that is becoming more and more popular, due in part to quests such as Finding Dezzy the Teddy Bear. Based on the insanely popular Demon Slayer manga and anime, in Slayers Unleashed you can play as one of these powerful and deadly characters. We recently put together a list of all the codes in this game, and now we have decided to tackle another part of this game which is giving players a hard time. In this Slayers Unleashed Teddy Bear Dezzy guide, we will show you all the locations where you can find Dezzy.

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Slayers Unleashed Teddy Bear Dezzy

How To Find Teddy Bear Dezzy in Slayers Unleashed

To begin with, you will need to find Megan. She has a glowing exclamation mark above her head and is wearing a dark blue outfit. However, the most striking thing about her is her bright pink hair, which will make her easy to notice even from a distance. When you talk with her, she will let you know that she has lost her Teddy Bear Dezzy and ask you to find it for her. At the crossroad right in front of her, turn left and leave the town. Now, the Teddy Bear can be in one of three locations. You can spot Dezzy in the distance, so you will know which of these spots he can be found at.

When you leave the town, the first potential location is directly forward from the entrance, on a rock outcropping you will be able to climb to. The second possible location is a short distance right from the first location, also on a rock that you will need to climb. Finally, if you cannot find Dezzy at either of these spots, turn around at location #2 and you will see the Teddy Bear at the southwest corner behind it. You can see all of these locations in our video below. One last thing to note – if you cannot find Dezzy at either of these, then the server is glitched. Leave and rejoin and it should work again. If you followed all of the instructions in our Slayers Unleashed Teddy Bear Dezzy guide, you will be able to quickly solve this quest and turn in Dezzy for a nice reward from Megan.

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