Valorant Error Code 68 Fix

Error code 68 in Valorant is an issue that players encounter every now and again, and they want to know how to fix it. Considering how disruptive the error can be, especially when it strikes in the middle of the game, I totally get it. In fact, that’s exactly why we’ve put together this guide to show you how to fix Error Code 68. It’s probably simpler than you think, which is pretty fortunate.

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valorant error code 68 fix
Valorant Error Code 68 Fix

How to Fix Valorant Error Code 68

To fix the Valorant Error Code 68, all you have to do is restart the client. See, the cause of the error is the client running into some kind of connectivity problem. The biggest bummer is when it happens in the middle of the match, because you will have to bow out in order to fix it. You might not like it, but the only surefire way to resolve the issue is to restart the Valorant client. That much has been confirmed by the player base and the game’s subreddit, so I think it’s safe to at least try.

If the fix we’ve laid out doesn’t work, then it might just be the developers doing some unscheduled maintenance, or maybe the game is under a DDOS attack. Granted, that’s kind of the worst-case scenario, but it could happen. Make sure to check the Valorant Twitter account or any other official source to see whether there’s anything going on. Other things that can fix Error Code 68 in Valorant is checking whether you have any connection issues on your end, as well as whether your firewall is blocking the game, and addressing any potential problems there.

However, simply restarting the Valorant client should fix the error just fine. If you’re having trouble with any other errors in the game, we’ve got a few more guides for you to check out. Specifically, we’ve written articles like Van 135 Error Code, Error 39 Fix, and Queue Disabled Error Fix.

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