Smite Slipknot Event Release Date, Time, Skins & Rewards

The Smite Slipknot crossover event release date, time, skins and rewards have been the talk of the town among fans now that Update 9.5 is mere hours away. And who can blame them? Sure, Raijin is cool on his own, but imagine instead seeing the clown from Slipknot coming your way? Or Mick Thomson chucking an axe towards you? With all that in mind, here are all the event details you need to know.

smite slipknot event release date time skins & rewards
Smite Slipknot Event Release Date, Time, Skins & Rewards

Smite 9.5 Update Slipknot Crossover Event Start Date and Time

The start date, or release date of the Smite 9.5 Update Slipknot crossover event is May 17th, but the time is still unknown. We’ll be sure to update this article when the developers announce it officially. Maintenance will probably start at some point early in the morning Eastern Time, but we’ll have to wait and see. When the event kicks off, you will be able to purchase all the skins from the in-game stores, or earn them by playing. The skins will be on discount for the first two weeks. As for how you earn the cosmetics, the event is all about “a single chest with all Slipknot skins and cosmetic bundles contained within.” After you open the chest three times, the next roll will be Chest Choice, aka you get to pick whatever you want.

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Smite 9.5 Update Skins and Rewards

As far as the Smite 9.5 Slipknot crossover event goes, there are nine skins and several other cosmetic rewards. Mick Thomson (guitar), Jim Root (guitar, and Alessandro Venturella (bass) are skins for Chaac. Get it? Because another word for an electric guitar is “axe.” Good stuff. Then, we have Clown, aka Shawn Crahan (percussion), Michael Pfaff (percussion) and Jay Weinberg (drums), who are skins for Raijin, which makes perfect sense. Last, but not least, are Corey Taylor (vocals), Sid Wilson (turntables) and Craig Jones (samples) as skins for Poseidon, of all people. A bit random, but oh well. As far as other cosmetics go, they include a Slipknot-themed stamp, level up, avatar, loading screen, recall skin, player title and music theme.

Mind you, these aren’t the only cosmetics that you’ll be able to get in Smite Update 9.5, because the Slipknot event is not the only part of it. The Blast from the Past battle pass (600 Gems, 1200 for Plus) will have it’s own cool stuff to offer. You can read more about that on the official website.

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