How to Make Moon Little Alchemy 2

If you don’t know how to make the Moon in Little Alchemy 2, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to give you several crafting recipes to create the Moon, from fairly simple ones to a ridiculously complicated one that’s still pretty fun to pull off. Plus, you’ll create a bunch of other useful ingredients on the way. So, let’s dive straight in!

how to make moon little alchemy 2
How to Make Moon Little Alchemy 2

How To Make Moon in Little Alchemy 2

There are several different ways to make the Moon in Little Alchemy 2. We’re going to go through a few of them, from the simpler formulas to the more complicated. The easiest way to make the Moon is first combine Earth with Fire to create Lava, then add Air to create Stone (alternatively, you can mix Air and Air to create Pressure, then add Earth). Then, on another part of the screen, combine Earth and Earth to make Land, add another Land to that to make a Continent, and combine two of those to create a Planet. Combine Stone and Planet to make the Moon.

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Another way to do this is to combine a Planet with the Sky. We know how the former works; to create the Sky, combine Fire and Water to make Steam, add Air to get Cloud, and then one more Air. Option number 3 to make the Moon in Little Alchemy is to use Sky and Stone, both of which we now know how to form.

The most complicated method to create the Moon is by combining Sky and Cheese. The latter is ridiculous. Two waters make a Pond, two Ponds a Lake, two Lakes a Sea. Sea plus Earth is Primordial Soup, two Fires are Energy, Soup plus Energy create Life. Next, Two Earths make Land, Land and Life an Animal. Then, create Stone as explained above, add Fire for Metal, then Earth for a Plow, Earth once more for a Field. Add Animal to a Field to make Livestock, then another Field to make a Cow and Water to make Milk. Mix Earth and Water to get Mud, add Life to make Bacteria, and, lastly combine Bacteria and milk to get Cheese.

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