Sniper Elite 5 Level Up Fast & Earn XP

If you want to learn how to farm XP fast in Sniper Elite 5, there are a couple of effective methods. One of the main changes players need to know is that progression is now separated for single and multiplayer. Attachments, skins and weapon unlocks are now unlocked separately for campaign and multiplayer. This differentiates from how things worked in SE4. Thus, many players are now unsure what is the best strategy to level up fast in Sniper Elite 5. Read on to learn the best methods to earn XP quickly.

Sniper Elite 5 Level Up Fast & Earn XP

How to Level Up Fast & Earn XP in Sniper Elite 5

In Sniper Elite 5’s campaign you will want to level up fast as it will allow you to put skill points into one of the three skills trees: Combat, Equipment, and Body. Unlocking these abilities is essential for progress. Naturally, you will want to speed up the process of levelling up, as it will grant you more points to put into skills. Here are ways to earn XP during the campaign.

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One of the best ways to earn extra XP is by completing optional objectives. Each campaign mission has these, but you will need to do a little bit of exploring to find them. It’s worth your time as you’ll earn more XP and have more fun!

Being a sniper-focused game, Sniper Elite 5 rewards you for being silent. Try to stay stealthy as much as possible and you’ll earn more XP. Each “silent” kill will earn you additional experience. Another fun way to earn extra XP is by making sure to kill all optional targets. Each mission will provide you with a few opportunities to kill some non-mandatory characters. They will pose a challenge but you will be rewarded.

If you are confident enough in your skills, you can even turn on the Axis Invasions mode. This is a typical invasion mode, where you turn your campaign into a PvP with random players dropping into your missions and trying to stop you from completing them. This will earn you a lot of extra XP, but it’s also fairly difficult to pull it off if you are not a great player.

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