Snow Sugar Cookie Cake, Cookie Run Kingdom

As you know, it takes a lot of effort to run your very own festive Cake Shop in Cookie Run Kingdom. This is because each Cookie has their own preferences and ideas about how they want their cook to taste – and look – like. For some Cookies, their orders are easy enough to figure out, while others can take significantly more effort to decipher. Snow Sugar Cookie falls squarely in the latter category, since they want a cake that looks like their friend, the Snow King. If you want to get five stars in the Snow Sugar Cookie Cake in Cookie Run Kingdom, then read on to learn how this is done.

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Snow Sugar Cookie Cake, Cookie Run Kingdom

Snow Sugar Cookie Cake Order & Recipe, Cookie Run Kingdom

When Snow Sugar Cookie shows up to your Cake Shop, here’s what they’re going to say: “Can I order a cake that looks like my friend, the Snow King?” Now, even though you may not understand what Snow Sugar Cookie means by this, it’s very important that you don’t ask any follow-up questions (these are yellow-colored dialogue options). This is because Cookies don’t like it when you don’t understand their orders. If you ask questions, you won’t be able to get five stars – even if you have done everything else correctly. So simply agree to whatever the Cookies want (the green option).

Now, as for the Snow King cake recipe itself. As it is snow, the obvious first step here is to make it a Silky Milk Cream cake. Next, put four layers (tiers) on it. After that, four scoops of milk frosting. Finally, put four Sugar Snowflakes as toppings. Wrap up the cake and present it to Snow Sugar Cookie. If you have done everything correctly, Snow Sugar Cookie will be very happy and will award you five stars for your baking expertise.

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