Snowball Battle Pokemon Unite Holiday Festivities

Holiday Festivities have made their way to Pokemon Unite. Apart from new holiday-themed cosmetics, a brand-new game mode is available during the duration of this event. The mode in question is called Snowball Battle. In it, you will, of course, get the chance to use snowball – and other such items – to battle enemies, which will, once you defeat them, turn into snowmen. If you want to compete in these fun new activities (and why wouldn’t you), our Snowball Battle Pokemon Unite Holiday Festivities guide is here to explain how all of this works.

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Snowball Battle Pokemon Unite Holiday Festivities

Snowball Battle in Shivre City Pokemon Unite Holiday Festivities

The Snowball Battle in Shivre City will take place from December 15th, 2021, until January 17th, 2022. This should give you more than enough time to revel in all of these festivities. During this event, you will not be able to equip Battle Items in Shivre City. Instead, you will get and use unique items which you can find from wild Delibirds. These can be found all over the map, so it’s worth exploring everywhere. Anyone defeated in this mode – including you – will turn into Snowmen. These Snowmen are unable to deal damage and will remain in this state until they respawn.

The following special Battle Items are available in this mode: Snowball, Repositioner, Recovery Bomb, Returning Smoke, Pokemon Propeller, Goal Zone Booster, Gravity Smoke, and Magnet Puller. All of these provide different gameplay effects. For example, the Magnet Puller will pull enemies towards you, while the Recovery Bomb will heal nearby allies and melt Snowmen, while also propelling enemies away from you. Just like in the regular mode, the key to victory is strategically using all of these to your advantage. You can play both against CPU opponents and against your friends to complete this event. Of course, if you want to finish it as quickly as you can, playing against the CPU will be faster.

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