How to Get Caliban Component Blueprints

Warframe has updated with The New War, and many players are wondering how to get the Caliban component blueprints. The New War is a new quest, with an original Warframe narrative. There are several additional hours of content to complete. Even when this is done, there are still lots of rewards you can chase. One of them is the Caliban component blueprints, so read on as we tell you how to get them.

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How to Get Caliban Component Blueprints
How to Get Caliban Component Blueprints

New War is a whole new narrative story arc in itself. Once you complete it, five new weapons become available. One of these is the Caliban Warframe. Thus, you need to complete the New World Quest before you can get it.

Caliban’s base blueprint can then appear in the market. His component blueprints become accessible through the new bounty missions. These are the ones that will only unlock after you complete the New War Quest. Caliban’s Prex card can also appear after the completion of this.

The locations for the Caliban Component Blueprints are specific to the time of day. You get them from Narmer bounties. During daylight hours, these will be available on the Plains of Eidolon. During the night cycle, you can get them from the Orb Vallis.

The Caliban is a passive adaptive armor. It gives allies within the affinity range a 50% resistance to certain damages. Lethal Progeny allows it to call on three Conculyst comrades to fight and repair its shields. Its Fusion Strike attack can strip armor and shields from enemies. Combined, these make it a great utility Warframe.

In addition, it does have some good offensive capabilities. Razor Gyre allows it to spin in a tornado movement, targeting enemies and accelerating the damage. Sentient Wrath can also send out a huge wave of destruction and lift enemies into the air. Its Venato Scythe also has a 50% increase melee combo counter chance.

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