Soul Essence Cookie Run Kingdom

Cookie Run Kingdom is a wildly successful mobile title. Revolving around anthropomorphized Cookies, CKR is a fun and engaging game. One of the secrets to its enduring success is the fact that it is constantly getting new updates. The latest update, for example, added (among several other new things) Soul Essence. This material is used for Cookie Ascension. Once a Cookie has reached 5 stars, you can then use this to Ascend them further. You will definitely want to get as much of this as possible. Which is why we explain everything you need to know about the Soul Essence in Cookie Run Kingdom, including where to get it and how to use it, right here.

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Soul Essence Cookie Run Kingdom

How to Use Soul Essence Cookie Run Kingdom

After you promote a Cookie to 5 stars, you can then promote them five times more. But to do this, you will need the characters’ Soulstones and an appropriate amount of Soul Essence. There’s Soul Essence for each rarity. So: Common, Rare, Epic, Special, Super Epic, Legendary, and Ancient. Different Cookie rarities will require different amounts of Soul Essence in order to Ascend. Naturally, the rarer the Cookie is, the more Soul Essence is needed.

When you have maxed out your Cookie at 5 stars, you will then see a button notifying you that you need Soul Essence to Ascend it further. This Soul Essence can be acquired in several ways. From Rainbow Shell Gallery, from Master Mode, and, lastly, from the Kingdom Arena. This is a very rare and hard-to-obtain material, so make sure that you only use it on Cookies of appropriate rarity and on ones that you plan on actually using in the game. You will also need 20 Soulcores (to start, this number will then increase for further Ascensions). You can get these Soulcores from Gacha and from Master Mode.

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