Stand Storage Project Star - How to Get & Store Stands

Project Star is a popular new Roblox game in which you can get and store Stands. The Stands are, of course, based on the ones from one of the most successful manga and anime of all time – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures. In this game, you will be able to get and use these powerful Stands, but storing and removing them isn’t as easy. To help you figure out how to do all of these things, our Stand Storage Project Star – How to Get & Store Stands guide will explain exactly what you need to do here.

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Stand Storage Project Star - How to Get & Store Stands

How to Get a Stand in Project Star

To be able to get a Stand in this Roblox game, you first need to find one of the arrows. These arrows – with one exception – can be found on the floor of Cairo City. The more rare an arrow is, the better the odds it will spawn a rarer Stand. The following arrow types are available:

  • Stand Arrow (1x Rarity Multiplier).
  • Unusual Stand Arrow (1.5x Rarity Multiplier).
  • Gleaming Stand Arrow (2x Rarity Multiplier).
  • Cursed Stand Arrow (100x Rarity Multiplier). You can only get this arrow from the D’arby Item Roll in DIO’s mansion.

Project Star How to Remove a Stand

In order to remove a Stand, you will need to find a Rokakaka. You can also find this as a random spawn in Cairo City. A regular Rokakaka resets your stand, while a Mysterious Rokakaka will reset your stats.

How to Store a Stand Project Star

To be able to store a Stand for future use, you will first need to go the Stand Storage Room. It is also located in Cairo City. You will be able to easily recognize it since it has a big red Stand Arrow as its billboard. Once you go inside, you will find Robert Speedwagon and Daniel J. D’arby there. Speak with Robert Speedwagon and you will get the option to store your Stands.

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