NBA 2K22 Shot Meter - How to Change & Turn Off

If you want to know how to change and turn off the NBA 2K22 shot meter, we’ve got you covered. Changing the settings of the shot meter can be extremely useful, depending on how skilled you are at the game. Having it on helps you sink more shots, but if it’s off, you get an extra boost to your shots. Either way, you should know how to change the shot meter options, just in case. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

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nba 2k22 shot meter how to change & turn off
NBA 2K22 Shot Meter – How to Change & Turn Off

How to Change Shot Meter in NBA 2K22

To change the NBA 2K22 shot meter settings, the first step is to go into the Controller Settings menu. You can do that from the main menu by selecting Features, or by clicking Options in the pause menu of the match. Once in the Controller Settings menu, just find the Shot Meter option and change the setting to whatever you want. No matter which way you do it, the changes will apply just the same. Now, which Shot Meter options you use will depend entirely on your overall skill level, as in, you shouldn’t turn it off completely if you’re not good at making shots without the extra assistance. Then again, turning it off does have its perks, which brings me to our next point.

How to Turn Off Shot Meter in NBA 2K22

To turn off the NBA 2K22 shot meter, the first step is to go into the Settings menu. You can get there either through the main menu or the pause menu if you happen to be in a match. Once in the Settings, find and click Controller Settings. Now all you have to do is find the Shot Meter option and switch it off. You should definitely do this if you’re a veteran of the series, because you’ll get a boost to your shots when the meter is off. However, if you’re an NBA 2K rookie, consider leaving the shot meter on at least until you get a good feel for shooting and start hitting green reliably.

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