Starving Artists Codes Roblox March 2022

The Starving Artists Roblox March 2022 codes are out, and they unlock Art Coins for enterprising Rolbox artists. Apparently, the crux of the game is that you can create art, which you can then sell for Robux. It sounds fishy to me, but hey, I’m not here to police what you play. So, with that out of the way, let’s see which Starving Artists codes are currently active and what they do.

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starving artists codes roblox march 2022
Starving Artists Codes Roblox March 2022

Codes for Starving Artists Roblox March 2022

There are two active Starving Artists Roblox codes for March 2022. At least, that’s the case at the time of writing; the developers might add more later on in the month. The game is not even a month old right now, after all. As for what they unlock, well, it’s a hundred Art Coins each. That’s the in-game currency you use to buy different frames for your paintings, I believe. So, if you want to get a total of two hundred Art Coins, be sure to redeem both codes from the list below. Reminder: if you try to use a code from below and it doesn’t work, that’s probably because the developers have deactivated them. We have no control over that.

  • artcoin100 – Redeem the code to get 100 free Art Coins.
  • starving – Redeem the code to get 100 free Art Coins.

Now that we know the March 2022 Roblox codes for Starving Artists, there’s still the matter of how to actually redeem them. Again, it’s a new game, so what’s the system? Fortunately, it’s nothing complicated; it works the same way as it does in numerous other Roblox games. All you need to do is boot up Starving Artists and, when you’re in the game, click the Twitter icon on the left side of the screen. A new little window will appear, with a text box and a yellow “Submit” button. All you need to do is copy a code from our list, paste it into the text box, and hit “Submit.” Rinse and repeat until you’ve used up all the active codes.

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