Steam Community Market Disabled Explained

If you get the Steam Community Market is temporarily disabled error message, that obviously means that something has gone wrong. There are a couple of different potential causes for this, and each has a different fix. We will talk about each one of them and what you need to do to set things straight in this guide.

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steam community market disabled explained
Steam Community Market Disabled Explained

How to Fix Steam Community Market is Temporarily Disabled Error

There are several things that you can do and try fix the Steam Community Market is temporarily disabled error. First off, we do have to tell you that the most common cause of this “glitch” is that either the Community Market servers are down, or the servers of the game you are trying to buy stuff for is down. So, the first thing you should do is check whether everything is working correctly. You can go to Steam’s Downdetector page or the unofficial Steam Status Twitter, for example. If that’s the core of the problem, then you’ll just have to be patient and wait for the service to come back online. If not, well, time to proceed to the next solution.

The next possible cause of the Steam Community Market is temporarily disabled error is that you haven’t had Steam Guard enabled for fifteen days. This is to “help protect your items and Steam Wallet funds from being misused by someone who may have illicitly obtained your password,” according to Steam Support. If your account currently has Steam Guard disabled, or you haven’t had it on for fifteen days, you can’t use the Market. Lastly, if you’ve reset your password (not the same as just changing it), you have to wait for five days before using the service again. If there has been no activity on your account for over two months, then you’ll be barred from the Community Market for thirty days.

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