Stray Computer Puzzle Solution

Stray is a newly-released adventure game in which you take on the role of a stray cat that has entered a strange city populated by robots. To find their way out of it, the cat will need to solve many puzzles. One of the earliest of these puzzles involves a mysterious computer monitor that needs your help to find and turn on four switches and find a body. Once you have solved this puzzle, you will get B-12, your robotic companion, as well as the Not Alone achievement. Here’s the solution for the Stray Computer Puzzle.

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Stray Computer Puzzle Solution

Help, Find a Body – How To Turn on the Computer in Stray

Once you enter The Flat, you will see a big computer monitor at the other end of the room, and “\NEED. HELP…” displayed on it. Approach the monitor, and, in typical cat fashion, take a walk on the keyboard in front of it. The computer monitor will then write out “\DATA CORRUPTED. NEED HELP…” Keep walking on the keyboard and it will then say “\BODY REQUIRED FOR DOWNLOAD. BODY REQUIRED…” Finally, it will write “\ENTER THE DOOR. TURN ON. FIND A BODY.” A door to the left of the monitor will open. Enter this new room.

Where Are the 4 Switches To Turn on the Computer in Stray

In this room, you will see four power switches at the bottom of what looks like a large computer mainframe. The task here is to find all four of these and then plug them in here. The first power switch is on a table directly behind the mainframe. Hop on it, interact with it to have the Cat take it in its mouth, and then hop down and plug it in one of the four slots. Again, turn around and you will see a big lever at the other end of the room. Approach it and pull it down. This will cause a piece of equipment to start moving, and you can now pick up the second power switch on it. Plug it in.

For the next one, turn directly right from the mainframe. There is another power switch up there. To get to it, jump on the pile of monitors, then on the shelf with the third power switch. Pick it up and plug it in. For the last power switch, look to the left of the mainframe. There is a big row of shelves there. To climb to the top, first jump on the stool there, then jump to the top of the shelves where you will find the final power switch. Plug it in and this will cause another door to open.

How To Find the Body To Help the Computer in Stray

Go into this room. Once inside, you will see a body. Jump on top of it and then on the machine next to it. From there, hop to the top of the shelves to the left and move to the box there. Interact with this box to have it fall down. This will also cause a tiny robot to fall out of it. Go back down and pick up this robot. Return to the previous room. Jump on the mainframe you turned on. There is a device there that you can interact with. Drop the little robot there. This will cause it to turn on. It will introduce itself as B-12. Congratulations, you have finished this Stray Computer Puzzle and gotten the Not Alone achievement.

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