Stray Safe Code, Binary Mysterious Password Solution

In our Stray Safe Code, Binary Mysterious Password Solution guide, we’re going to show you how to solve this puzzle. It’s a bit of a head-scratcher, because the only hint everyone gives is you is that “it’s a very old binary code you have here, only a real geek can read this.” So, where is this NPC? How does one decipher the binary code and solve the mysterious password in Stray? Let’s find out.

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stray binary safe code mysterious password solution
Stray Safe Code, Binary Mysterious Password Solution

How to Decipher Safe Code for Mysterious Password in Stray

To decipher the binary safe code in Stray and get the mysterious password solution, you have to find the aforementioned real geek that can read this old code. That person’s name is Elliot. To find him, turn your back to the safe, then head right and go up the stairs. Go right again, down the stairs, and straight towards the red neon sign. Don’t go in that door, though; instead, go around the corner to the left, take another right, and stop at the door on the right. It’s red and covered with some kind of schematic. Scratch on the door to be let inside. Head up the stairs in the far right corner. You’ll find Elliot looking at a bunch of screens. He’ll tell you that the code says “DUFER BAR.”

Stray Binary Safe Code Location

The location of the solution for the Stray binary safe code, aka the mysterious password, is in the Dufer Bar. How do you get there? Well, go back downstairs and scratch on the door again to be let outside. Head left, and then go right as soon as you round the corner. The first door on the right is the entrance to the bar. That’s actually the door under the red sign we talked about before. Anyways, walk into the bar, hop onto the empty stool on the left, then onto the bar itself. On your left, you’ll find a neon sign that says “Dufer Bar” with a painting above it. Knock the painting down to reveal the safe code: 1283. For more info on other codes, check our our All Stray Codes guide.

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