Street Fighter Duel Tier List

Street Fighter Duel is a spin-off of Street Fighter, the famous arcade fighter franchise. In this mobile title, you control popular Street Fighter characters in a gameplay that combines strategy, card building, RPG, and clicker elements. Of course, just like every game of this kind, it is of vital importance that you select the best characters to use. After all, this can mean the difference between victory and defeat. But which characters are the best and which ones you can easily skip? Well, you can either spend hours playing the game and trying to figure this out for yourselves. Or, you can simply read our Street Fighter Duel Tier List to see how we’ve ranked all the characters in the game.

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Street Fighter Duel Tier List
Street Fighter Duel Tier List

Street Fighter Duel Tier List Rankings

As there are so many characters in the game, we are going to be ranking them according to their power levels. Of course, there are many other factors that characters can be judged by – including their look, personalities, and lore, just to name a few. But for the purposes of this guide, we are just going to go by how strong they are. If you prefer a certain character and feel they should be ranked higher or lower than we did, then feel free to share why you think that is in the comments below. As for the rankings themselves, we are going to divide characters by tiers, with Tier S being the most powerful, and Tier D being the least powerful. And with that said, let’s finally see how the characters are ranked:

  • S Tier: Juri, Dhalsim, Mad Ryu, and Elena.
  • A Tier: Beast Zangief, Combat Guile, Rose, Balrog, Poison, and C. Viper.
  • B Tier: Chun-Li, E. Honda, Seth, Mayor Cody, and Dudley.
  • C Tier: Makato, Zangief, Adon, Ryu, Ken, and Blanka.
  • D Tier: Feilong, Guy, and Abel.
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