DMZ Where to Find Tactical Camera, Place Tactical Cameras Watching 2 Entrances

Not sure where to find a DMZ Tactical Camera in order to place tactical cameras watching 2 of the entrances for the Smuggling Tunnels mission? We’ve got you covered! Warzone 2 Season 2 is here, which means a lot of new missions for us to complete! One such mission is the Smuggling Tunnels mission for the White Lotus faction. This guide explains how to get Tactical Cameras and where to place them.

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Where to Find Tactical Camera DMZ, Place Tactical Cameras Watching 2 Entrances
DMZ Tactical Camera Locations

Where to Find Tactical Camera DMZ in DMZ

The first step here is to acquire these Tactical Cameras. Suppose you’ve completed the “Who’s Watching” mission sometime during Season 1. In that case, you probably already know how to get these. Namely, the confusion here stems from the fact that these are not some ordinary regular items which you can find while exploring Al Mazrah or Ashika Island. Rather, they are a part of your pre-match gear. Hence, ensure they are in your “Create a Class” build before deploying. Now that you know where to find Tactical Cameras in DMZ, let’s see where you need to place them inside the Smuggling Tunnels.

DMZ Place Tactical Cameras Watching 2 of The Entrances in Smuggling Tunnels

The first thing here is, of course, to locate the Smuggling Tunnels, for which we have a separate guide. Once you find them, you’ll need to place the cameras so that they are “Watching 2 Entrances”. This step is relatively self-explanatory, really. Once you find the tunnels, place the cameras inside so that they watch directly at the entrance but from inside the tunnel. That’s the critical part. They need to watch the entrances from inside the tunnel, looking at the entrance. The task will not progress if you try to place them on the other side of the entrances (outside of the tunnels).

Do this at two different entrances, and you’ve completed the task. Given that you need to place Tactical Cameras watching 2 of the entrances in one deployment, you will need a friend for this mission, as you can not equip two cameras in your loadout. With that said, that’s all you need to know about where to find tactical cameras in DMZ and where to place them. If you have any questions, ask us in the comments!

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