Sun Breathing - Slayers Unleashed Codes Update 0.4

The new Slayers Unleashed Update 0.4 is now out, adding a new boss event and twenty codes that you can redeem. First off, there’s the Sun Breathing event, in which you can fight the new boss and unlock the new Breathing technique, with its own attack moves. Then, of course, there are the new codes that unlock a bunch of new rolls. So, in our Sun Breathing – Slayers Unleashed Codes Update 0.4 guide, we’ll show you how to get Sun Breathing and a list of the new codes to redeem.

sun breathing slayers unleashed codes update 0 4
Sun Breathing – Slayers Unleashed Codes Update 0.4

How to Get Sun Breathing – Slayers Unleashed

To get Sun Breathing in Slayers Unleashed, you need to defeat the new Yoriichi boss. To do that, first off, you need to be Human and be level 50 or above. Demons, hybrids, and characters lower than level 50 can’t begin this quest. If you meet these requirements, go and talk to Jack outside of town and fast travel to Sagiri Mountain. From there, turn south and head left to find a path, then follow it south. You will have to climb up a bunch of mountains, for which you’ll need the Climb skill unlocked. Other than that, just keep heading straight south and up. Eventually, you’ll come across a cottage where the NPC Tanjiro lives. Talk to him and select the option to fight Yoriichi. After you defeat the boss, you have a 10% chance that Sun Breathing will drop, unless you’re Kamado, in which case the drop rate is 100%.

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Slayers Unleashed Codes Update – August 2021

Slayers Unleashed Update 0.4 also added twenty new codes for August 2021, not just the Sun Breathing event. These codes unlock new Demon Arts rolls, Breathing Style rolls, Clan rolls, and Demon Arts rolls. There are basically four batches of five codes that unlock these bonus rolls. So, that’s exactly how we’ve divided them in the list below.

  • Demon Arts Rolls
    • ;code sunbda01
    • ;code sunbda02
    • ;code sunbda03
    • ;code sunbda04
    • ;code sunbda05
  • Breathing Style Rolls
    • ;code sunbreath1
    • ;code sunbreath2
    • ;code sunbreath3
    • ;code sunbreath4
    • ;code sunbreath5
  • Clan Rolls
    • ;code sunclan1
    • ;code sunclan2
    • ;code sunclan3
    • ;code sunclan4
    • ;code sunclan5
  • Race Rolls
    • ;code sunrace1
    • ;code sunrace2
    • ;code sunrace3
    • ;code sunrace4
    • ;code sunrace5
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