How to Leave Iki Island - Ghost of Tsushima

The question of how to leave Iki Island in Ghost of Tsushima has been on the minds of a bunch of gamers that have rushed headlong into the new content, and then found themselves unable to leave halfway through. This can be a bit frustrating, I’m sure, if you’ve left a bunch of stuff on the main map that you want to go back to. Of course people want to know how to exit Iki island in Ghost of Tsushima. Fortunately, the solution is pretty simple, as we’ll show you in our How to Leave Iki Island – Ghost of Tsushima guide.

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how to leave iki island ghost of tsushima
How to Leave Iki Island – Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima – How to Exit Iki Island

To exit Iki island in Ghost of Tsushima, you need to complete the story missions, or you can use fast travel – zoom out the map and look northwest of Iki island. That is something that you need to keep in mind before entering Iki island. Once you begin the mission that starts the Iki quest chain, “Journey into the Past,” and make your way to the area, you won’t be able to leave until you finish all the story missions. Don’t be too bummed about this, though; it should only take you three to four hours to complete these quests and go back to roaming the open world. The content from the rest of the map aren’t gonna go anywhere, and besides, there’s plenty to occupy your attention, such as the Blood-Stained Shrine puzzle solution and unlocking the Crimson Red Dye Merchant.

So, in brief, that’s how to leave Iki Island in Ghost of Tsushima – complete the story missions. Only then will you be able to return to whatever activities you’ve been doing before you dove into the new content. However, I advise you to take your time and enjoy everything Iki Island has to offer. Aside from the main missions, there’s a bunch of other stuff to sink your teeth into. For example, there are several Mythic Tales and side quests to complete, animal sanctuaries to visit, fighting in the hidden cave tournament, archery challenges, and just generally exploring and enjoying the scenery. Iki island is a beautiful zone; it warrants setting aside a few moments to breathe it in. Especially on PS5.

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  1. C
    Cameron Manuel

    This is wrong. I’ve beat all the main and side quests, and there’s still no discernable way back to tsushima

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      You have a fast travel northwest of Iki island that brings you back to Tsushima.

      1. W
        Where on the map is that ?

        I need help leavin Iki island

        1. Z

          Go to MAP menu
          Zoom out
          Zoom outttt
          You will find tsushima island and can fast travel back there.

  2. 2

    Yeah I know I can fast travel to Tsushima island, but I don’t want to. I want to get on a boat, that takes me from point A, to point B, and then to point A again if I need to… just for immersion purposes… don’t want to teleport around like I’m Raiden!

    1. D
      Daniël Schouten

      Exactly what I was hoping for tbh

  3. B
    Bob Roth

    I’ve completed all 14 stories for Iki, I’ve killed the Eagle and there’s nothing left to do (besides the Sakai banner horse armor dye thing, and I just don’t care about that, and it’s not a main story point anyway). Yet, I’m at 5/6 liberated. I’ve gone back and finished all the 3 sections of the main island, it’s just Iki that needs completed, and I can’t figure out how to.

    Help?! Anyone?!

    1. K

      Have you finished the Common Curtesy stories? Then finish it by talking to the woman in house in Yahata Forest?

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