Super Animal Royale Codes

Super Animal Royale codes are codes that you can enter in the game and unlock special cosmetic items. They work the same way as in any game that has this system; they are time-sensitive, meaning that they expire after a while. On top of that, some are seasonal, meaning that they only work during certain holidays. In this guide, we’ll show you a list of currently active codes, as well as seasonal ones, and how to redeem codes in this game.

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super animal royale codes
Super Animal Royale Codes

Codes in Super Animal Royale

There are currently four codes active in the game. All of them unlock cosmetic items for you to dress up your character, and you can redeem them only once. Of course, these codes might expire in the future, so you might not be able to use them at some point.

  • LOVE – Rainbow Baseball Cap
  • NLSS – Umbrellas, T-Shirts, Police Outfit etc.
  • SUPERFREE – Fox hat
  • SQUIDUP – Squid hat

There are also several seasonal codes that you can only use during certain holidays. These unlock themed cosmetic items. Like the codes above, these are also single-use, as far as we understand.

  • CRISPRmas – at Christmas time
  • NEWYEAR – on New Year’s
  • HOWLOWEEN – on Halloween
  • CANADA – on Canada Day
  • USA – on July 4th
  • DAYOFTHEDEAD – on Día de Muertos
  • SAKURA – during the Hanami festival

How to Redeem Codes in Super Animal Royale

To redeem codes in Super Animal Royale, open the game and navigate your way to the Home menu. That’s the screen where you have the green Play button in the lower left; you know, the usual ready-up screen you have in most such games. In this menu, look in the upper right corner. You’ll spot a cog icon, so click on it to bring up a new menu. Click on “Coupon Code.” This will bring up a text box, in which you can enter the code you want. Simply copy and paste them from the list, or type them in by yourself. To complete the process, just press the “Redeem” button. Rinse and repeat for all the codes you want to use.

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