SW Jedi Survivor Crashing & Freezing Issues

If Star Wars Jedi Survivor constantly crashes, you are definitely not alone in this unwanted experience. Star Wars Jedi Survivor has now launched across all platforms. However, the release day is currently riddled with bugs, errors, and performance issues. Read on as we share what we know about SW Jedi Survivor freezing and crashing after the title screen or at the first cutscene.

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SW Jedi Survivor Crashing & Freezing Issues
Jedi Survivor constantly Crashes on the Title Screen or at the First Cut Scene

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Crashing & Freezing

The reviews of Star Wars Jedi Survivor agree en masse that the game is another masterpiece from Respanw Entertainment. However, they have also warned players that the game suffers from serious optimisation issues and that it can be considered an unfinished game in terms of technical stability. The launch day has now come, and unfortunately, what reviewers were saying is true. Players report that SW Jedi Survivor is constantly crashing on all platforms. Some players state that the Jedi Survivor freezes before even entering the title screen. Others report issues with the “Exception Access Violation” error.

“Crashes after the title screen. Every. Single. Time,” says Steam user Kungfoolou. Steam user u/Brelee2222 shares a similar experience: “Please help! Jedi Survivor keeps crashing when I start a new journey, and the ship docks in the first cutscene.” And it seems like the first cutscene in SW Jedi Survivor is currently one of the main culprits regarding freezing, as another player reports a similar problem. “First crash at the yacht boarding scene. Honestly, all these UE games have been optimized like *** and unstable,” wrote Steam user Xeoah.

It is a rather sad state of affairs that an abyssal launch will overshadow the launch of such a great game. Hopefully, Respanw and EA will work hard on a patch to fix crashing and freezing issues as soon as possible. For now, we advise you to check out our performance issues guide for possible solutions.

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